A lot of bicycle accident takes places due to the negligence of drivers on the road.

A survey report says that every year almost 45,000 claims are registered under bicycle accident where the victim either suffers major injury or have lost their life.

Often it takes a lot of time for the victim of a bicycle accident to recover and again join his/her normal life and work.

As a personal injury lawyer, we at Jesse Davidson, P.A. consider bicycle accidents a major issue and fight in favor of the victim to ensure his/her financial compensation to bear the loss of wage or cost for medical treatment.

The accident caused due to someone’s negligence or intentional behavior can result in compensation under the damage of property and personal injury.

How a bicycle accident takes place?

Bicycle accidents are common, but the claims are much complicated. The claim can be challenging as the insurance company will always try to make excuses to avoid the liabilities. Bicycle accidents can take place due to six major reasons:

  • The accident caused by a vehicle turning into a cyclist’s path.
  • Accidents caused when the driver fails to see cyclists in the lane.
  • Accidents caused at a junction.
  • Accidents caused due to negligence or speeding vehicle.
  • Accidents caused due to vehicle door opening-unnoticed.
  • Accidents caused due to bad road conditions.

Types of injuries sustained by the victim

  • Minor scratches or inflammation
  • Injuries on soft tissues
  • Minor and major fractures
  • Head injury (which is most dangerous)
  • Internal bleeding
  • Psychological injuries
  • Eye injury
  • Major or minor SCI (Spinal cord injury)

The filing should be different for different types of accidents or depending on the nature of the injury. The team from Jesse Davidson, P.A. will do a systematic investigation on the incident, prepare a list of witnesses, collect pictures, or video evidence, and arrange the police report. These documentations are necessary to file the lawsuit against the wrongdoer.

Also, the legal advisor prepares a claim for the victim to file against the offender.

As we know how to professionally tackle the claim, it becomes easy for the victim to get compensation much easier. We also help in negotiation and settle the issue.

We understand an accident can bring lots of difficulties in the victim’s life, it may be physical, financial, or emotional. Thus, we try our best to resolve the claim with utmost priority and help the victim with quick results.

If you hire us, we ensure your peace of mind during the complicated filing process and compensation rule. Above all, we stand beside you till the day you receive the compensation for your injury. We also follow a customized and strategic approach for each claim thereby ensuring that the victim receives a positive outcome.

Our company is working in this field for quite a long time and thus has much knowledge of how the compensation procedures can be made effective.

If you wish to get in touch with us, call us on (561) 252-7850 or contact us for further information.

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