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All property owners in Boynton Beach and all of Florida, have a legal duty to keep their property safe. Therefore, a property owner may be held liable for failing to maintain their premises in safe conditions if someone is injured, sexually assaulted, or killed because of their negligence.

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Premises Liability And Negligent Security - Jesse Davidson, P.A.

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When you visit someone’s premises, you have the right to feel and be safe. Whether it is a business owner, property owner, or a lessee, they are all required to ensure safety and security on their premises. They can be held liable if someone gets injured, killed, or sexually assaulted due to their negligence.

If you have suffered injuries or damages due to a certain accident, assault, or robbery on someone else’s property, you can make a premises liability or negligent security claim. We at Jesse Davidson, PA. are your trusted Boynton Beach Premises Liability Attorneys with over a decade of specialized experience. We can help you by evaluating your case and making an appropriate claim.

Assaults, violent crimes, and accidents can have a significant devastating impact on your life. The CDC reports that the common types of injuries caused by assaults include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Cuts & lacerations
  • Internal injuries
  • Bruising

Even damage to mental health can have serious consequences. Victims can develop PTSD, depression, and various other disorders. While you are injured and stressed, it is best to let experienced personal injury attorneys help you make proper claims.

What is Negligent Security?

Negligent security laws require that property owners keep their properties safe and secure for visitors. They are required to take all steps necessary for preventing any foreseeable criminal or violent acts of third parties. In simple terms, if you get assaulted on a property due to a lack of security, you can be eligible to get compensation.

Broken locks on gates, doors, or windows, poorly trained security personnel, poor lighting, lack of emergency exits, and lack of security alarms/cameras are some of the common security lapses. Some of the common incidences that can amount to premises liability or negligent security include:

  • Fights at events and no security intervention
  • Assaults at nightclubs because of poor security
  • Assault in poorly lit/illuminated elevators, halls, or stairwells
  • Sexual assault or rape in dorms or other buildings without security monitoring
  • Robberies or assault in parking lots or garages where attackers could hide
Premises Liability And Negligent Security - Jesse Davidson, P.A.
Premises Liability And Negligent Security - Jesse Davidson, P.A.
Premises Liability And Negligent Security - Jesse Davidson, P.A.
Premises Liability And Negligent Security - Jesse Davidson, P.A.
Jesse Davidson, P.A. - Personal Injury Attorney

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If violent crimes have taken place on a property in the past but the owners failed to take appropriate action to prevent future incidences, there can still be a case of liability or negligent security.

Negligent Security & Premises Liability Lawyers

At Jesse Davidson, PA., we specialize in premises liability and negligent security laws. We can assist you in gaining compensation for:

  • Your medical bills
  • Other damages
  • Lost income

And other forms of losses. We have been representing victims for over a decade and have helped get justice through settlements or jury awards.

If you or a loved one is a victim of an incident on someone else’s property, you can have many questions about your rights. Feel free to contact us, your Boynton Beach Personal Injury Attorney, today to get answers to all your questions.

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