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Boynton Beach Auto Accident Attorney

If you get involved in an auto accident and sustain an injury, it can be difficult for you to find out how to get fully compensated. At Jesse Davidson, PA., our experienced team of auto accident attorneys can help you with your legal rights and options. We can guide you and assist you in getting fully compensated in your personal injury case.

Types of Auto Accident Compensation

There are so many areas of your life that can get affected by the consequences of an auto accident. Insurance companies are well known for presenting complex and incomplete information. We will work for you and will help you understand your case and the types of compensation you may be eligible for. Whatever the types of injuries you have, only a specialized auto accident lawyer can assist you in obtaining proper and complete compensation.

The types of compensation you can be eligible for include:

  • Various types of medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain & suffering
  • Damage to your vehicle and/or other property
  • Future care costs

It is required to take several crucial steps after an accident to ensure that you can get all or most of the compensation you deserve. Besides seeking medical care, reporting it to the police, and informing your insurer, you should call us, the trusted Boynton Beach Personal Injury Attorney for counsel and legal representation.

It is important to work with a licensed and experienced auto accident attorney, even if you think that you have a straightforward case.

Boynton Beach Auto Accident Attorney
Boynton Beach Auto Accident Attorney
Personal Injury Lawyer - Jesse Davidson, P.A.
Personal Injury Lawyer - Jesse Davidson, P.A.
Jesse Davidson, P.A. - Personal Injury Attorney

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How Can We Help?

Like many others, you may also hesitate to contact a specialized attorney after a crash. When you work with us, you are taking an important step towards protecting your interests and getting the maximum possible compensation that you are owed. Besides, you will also feel comfortable and confident about the process.

Some of the areas where we can assist you after a car accident are as follows:

Accident Investigation

Many times, it is not clear who is at fault in an accident. Even when it is clear, evidence is required to prove it. Negligence or fault can have a huge impact on the compensation you receive during a settlement. Without proving the negligence of the other party, you cannot get compensated. We have over a decade of experience in auto accident cases and can assist you in gathering all the evidence required to support your case. The type of evidence we collect can include:

  • Physical evidence
  • Video footage
  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Witness statements
  • Police reports

Filing the Claim

Filing a claim can be complex, difficult, and confusing for you. Most people don’t know how to file a claim or against which party. This can be complicated when the at-fault party is someone other than the other driver. For example, the cause can be a defective automotive part or the manufacturer. We can assist you in filing the claim against the right party and within the statute of limitations.

Negotiating Proper Settlement

It occurs more often that insurance companies attempt to offer much less than what a client deserves. If your settlement offer doesn’t fully address the scale and depth of your damages, we will negotiate to get an appropriate settlement amount.

Proving Injuries & Damages

When people get injured in an accident and suffer injuries and damages, they usually assume their insurer will identify everything and compensate properly. However, that is not how things work. You will have to prove all the injuries and damages you have suffered to get proper compensation.

At Jesse Davidson, PA., we can gather the medical records and work with all the officials and experts to prove your damages. If a settlement cannot be reached, we can take your claim to court.

We are your trusted personal injury attorneys in Boynton Beach, Florida with over a decade of specialized experience in the field. Our strategic approach helps ensure that we achieve the best possible settlement for our clients.

​For more information about our services, it is recommended to call us today at (561) 252-7850.