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Personal Injury Lawyers in Delray Beach

Recovering from a personal injury is emotionally, financially, and physically draining. You have to deal with costly medical bills from doctor’s visits, weeks or months of physical recovery, and hold yourself together emotionally as you recuperate. You may even lose your job or struggle to adjust to living with a permanent disability.

Recovering from an injury is difficult in any circumstance, but an injury caused by the negligent behavior of another is especially challenging because it could have been avoided with the appropriate action. If you suffered a personal injury in Delray Beach caused by someone else’s negligence, you might be entitled to compensation. Delray Beach Attorney Jesse Davidson, P.A. specializes in personal injury cases and has the experience and skill necessary to get you a fair settlement for your injuries.

Strategic Legal Approach

Since 2006, Jesse Davidson has been protecting his clients’ rights and getting them the compensation they deserve in Delray Beach. He has over 10 years of experience with Florida personal injury law and knows how to develop a winning legal strategy.

Davidson is an avid fan of chess, a game that requires strategy and foresight. He brings these same elements into the legal setting, using his knowledge of personal injury law and legal maneuvers to hold negligent parties accountable for your injuries. Davidson has won millions of dollars for his clients in Delray Beach and will seek to get you the maximum settlement amount possible.

Personal Injury Cases in Delray Beach

Jesse Davidson, P.A., represents his clients in several kinds of personal injury cases. Davidson’s firm works with victims of premises liability negligence, car accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, and wrongful death cases.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are responsible for thousands of personal injury cases in Florida. Due to the state’s no-fault laws, receiving compensation for injuries suffered in a car accident can be difficult. Your losses must be over $10,000, and your injuries must meet the serious injury threshold, which includes permanent loss of bodily function, significant disfigurement, or death.

These complexities make it necessary to work with a knowledgeable Delray Beach auto attorney like Jesse Davidson, P.A. He can determine if your case meets the exceptions for no-fault laws and fight to get you a settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company so you can focus on recovery instead of worrying about how to pay for your bills.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Injuries caused by slip and fall accidents are often more severe than people think. Falling can cause minor discomfort from bruises or scrapes, but more often, a slip and fall accident causes broken bones, permanent disability, neck and spinal injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Many of these symptoms don’t show up right away, forcing victims to minimize their injuries and not seek medical and legal aid.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident caused by another’s negligence, reach out to Jesse Davidson, P.A., as soon as possible. He can help you protect your legal rights and seek compensation from the responsible party, so you don’t end up managing life-long consequences without compensation.

Premises Liability and Security Liability

In Florida, property owners have a duty of care toward those who visit their property. If a commercial or private property owner fails to reasonably keep visitors safe, they can be held liable for any injuries. If security negligence caused you to suffer personal injuries from a violent crime, you might be able to file a lawsuit against the property owners to receive compensation.

Additionally, if a property owner’s negligence caused your personal injury in addressing or warning you of a hazard, you may seek damages for your injury. Let Jesse Davidson navigate the complex legalities of premises liability and security liability law to get you a fair settlement for your injuries.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries affect hundreds of Florida residents every year. Many dog bite attacks result in severe personal injury for the victim and cause thousands of dollars in lost wages, medical care, and emotional distress. If a dog bite in Delray Beach severely injured you, you might be able to seek compensation for your injuries.

Florida has a strict liability policy regarding dog bites. Dog owners are legally responsible for injuries caused by their dog, even if the dog never showed aggressive tendencies before the attack. However, dog owners may try to defer responsibility using Florida’s comparative negligence doctrine, which states that you may be partially liable if your actions somehow contributed to causing your injury. Jesse Davidson, P.A. can navigate this complex legal terrain to get you a fair settlement for your dog bite injury.

Delray Beach Personal Injury Lawyers - Compensation You Deserve

Compensation You Deserve

When you work with Jesse Davidson, P.A., to file your personal injury lawsuit in Delray Beach, you may be entitled to the following types of compensation.

Compensatory Damages

Compensatory damages are awarded to victims to repay them for the monetary and emotional harm they have suffered. Compensatory damages include special damages, also known as economic damages, and include current and future medical bills, property damage, lost future earnings, and lost income.

General compensatory damages, or non-economic damages, repay the victim for incalculable physical harm and mental distress. Non-economic damages are awarded for instances of permanent physical impairment, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life. In wrongful death cases, compensatory damages include loss of support, loss of guidance, loss of companionship, medical and funeral expenses, lost wages and benefits, and value of earnings.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are intended as a way to punish the negligent party. These damages are awarded in cases where the defendant’s negligence was found to be intentional or malicious.

Florida law states that you must prove that the defendant acted with intentional misconduct or gross negligence to win punitive damages. Punitive damages are difficult to win, however with an experienced attorney like Jesse Davidson, you can pursue punitive damages if your injury was caused by someone’s intentional negligence or reckless behavior.

Let Jesse Davidson, P.A., Fight for You

If you or a loved one is struggling with the devastating aftermath of a personal injury caused by another person’s negligence, work with Jesse Davidson, P.A., to get compensation for your injuries. For more than a decade, Davidson has represented victims in Delray Beach and won them millions of dollars in damages.

Contact Davidson for a free consultation today and get started toward receiving the compensation you are entitled to. Call our law office at (561)252-7850 or request a consultation using our online form.

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